Within the frameworks of "Armenia and neighbors. Looking for peace" project by WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, alumni of "Conflict Transformation Through Negotiations" course  of Institute of Law and Politics of Slavonic University carried out an interactive seminar "Tolerance and non-violence among the young" with active assistance of 35 students of the University.

The initiative was suggested by Seda Minasyan and Satenik Hambardzumyan who were assisted by ART and the faculty of University during design and implementation of the event. The seminar aimed to stir interest towards tolerance among young people and introduce the knowledge on conflict transformation to students obtained through the course by various interactive games and tests.

The event began with the staging of welcoming from different countries, such as Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Egypt and Congo, which created very warm atmosphere for students. After interactive discussions with students on peace perceptions in Armenia ad Azerbaijan, participants were given a self-test on tolerance. Students were also engaged in "Domino" interactive simulation game, aimed at creating space for free expression and establishing transparent relations within the group, showing each other that there might be different and similar ideas in the group. After active discussions, students evaluated the event and expressed their desire to participate in similar activities which will involve larger number of young people.

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