Meeting with the priests and social workers in Tavush
27 Jun 2022

Due to the collaboration of the WCC Armenia Round Table Charitable Foundation (WCC ART) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) a project named "Deaconary knowledge as a key for prevention of domestic violence" has been launched, in the scope of which, on 24 June, WCC ART Director Mr. Karen Nazaryan and Archimandrite Andreas Yezekyan, with the blessing and presidency of the Primate of Tavush Diocese, Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, met with priests serving in the diocese and representatives of the social sphere.20220624 112129

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to prepare a manual dedicated to deaconal work with co-authorship of Mr. Karen Nazaryan, Director of WCC ART, Lecturer of the Chair of Practical Theology of the Gevorgian Theological Seminary, and Archimandrite Andreas Yezekyan, Head of the Chair of Historical Theology of the Gevorgian Theological Seminary.

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The manual is intended for use by students of Gevorgian Theological Seminary, priests and social workers.

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According to the current view of the WCC, Christian Diakonia is understood as expression of compassion for everyone, service for all mankind. In other words, Diakonia is a rather broad concept, which must penetrate each sphere in order to solve the existing problems on the basis of unity, love and reconciliation.

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Diakonia is a theological principle closely linked to the mission of the Church. The diakonia is a call to action, a message to take care of the creatures's human deprivation, to fight against modern challenges, to answer injustice. The most important direction of deacon work is the fight against injustice and inequality.

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Therefore, with the help of the basic knowledge of the diakonia, it will be possible to address the problems of domestic violence on a larger scale, finding appropriate means of prevention, and due to the preliminary discussion on the topic, it will be possible to find out the issues of concern to the representatives of the relevant field, to hear new ideas, to make the manual more purposeful, accessible and applicable after the relevant edits.

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The whole process of the meeting was accompanied by the questions raised by the priests, social workers and active discussions on those issues. The focus of the discussion was on revealing and resolving the problems in the family, prevention of violence, and maintaining love and peace through deaconal work.

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For a decade now, the WCC Armenia Round Table Charitable Foundation, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, implements projects aimed at preventing domestic violence in Armenia and within the framework of all those projects all regions of Armenia are engaged.

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