"Conflicts. Self-Knowledge As A Way For Overcoming" Training for priests and social workers
27 Apr 2023

In the WCC Armenia Round Table foundation Fr. Markos Mangasaryan, director of the Social service center of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, implemented a training named "Conflicts. Self-Knowledge As A Way For Overcoming" with the participation of priests and social workers serving in the Tavush, Shirak, Artik, Gugarats, Aragatsotn and Armavir dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church.


The first part of the course was devoted to the topic "Conflictology", during which Father Markos presented the definition and structure of conflict in a thorough manner, referring to the causes of occurrence and methods of overcoming, then he talked about family conflicts and five forms of behavior in a conflict situation: avoidance, adaptation, confrontation, compromise, cooperation.


Then, the Trainer reflected on the Christian ways of solving family conflicts and the main actors of family counseling.


The second part of the course was dedicated to the topic "Self-Knowledge" with an emphasis on "Self-Knowledge is the main way to overcome conflicts".


Father Markos presented the stages of self-knowledge: self-observation, self-analysis, comparison, self-acceptance, and reflected on the Christian path of self-knowledge: from "I" to "He", from self-knowledge to God-knowledge and vice versa.


The course was supplemented with practical activities, giving the participants the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and exchange experience.


The training was concluded with the questions asked by the priests and social workers, raised problems observations and appropriate advices provided by Father Markos as useful resources for the well-being procedure of the community works planned within the framework of the project named "Raising awareness on gender equality and responsible parenting for family well-being".


The project is implemented within the framework of the cooperation of the UNFPA in Armenia and the WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation with the help of the clergy of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church and the social workers of the WCC ART partner Church belonging social centers. The goal of the project is to contribute to the prevention of domestic violence in communities by raising awareness about gender equality and responsible parenting.



The training is organized by "The EU for the equality of women and men. Within the framework of the project "Together against gender stereotypes and violence", which is financed by the European Union and implemented jointly by "UN Women" and the UNFPA.

The content is the responsibility of UNFPA and UN Women and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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