The 7th Fresco International Festival of Contemporary Art and Contemporary Films created a cultural holiday from August 22 to September 1, holding film screenings-discussions, concert programs և online meetings. The solemn opening ceremony of the festival took place on August 22 in the beautiful border town of Berd, with an open-air solo concert of the Berd dance ensemble. Then, on August 24, the Yerevan program started with an open-air screening of films. The Yerevan concert program was full: on August 28 the solo concert of the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia was held, on August 29 the first of a series of jubilee concerts dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ruben Hakhverdyan within the framework of "Fresco", on August 30 Jivan Gasparyan and friends.

Fresco 20 awards Armenia Round Table 2

Out of more than 3,000 applications (85 countries) submitted to the festival this year, 63 films (23 countries) were selected. The competition program includes films whose messages are humanitarianism, patriotism, healthy lifestyle and other universal values.

The jury of the festival included 16 people:
1. Anastasia Robskaya (Ukraine)
2. Armin Ebrahimi (Iran)
3. Arnaldo Casali (Italy)
4. Beata Golenska (Italy)
5. Father Yevgeny Glazunov (Russia)
6. Father Hambardzum Danielyan (Armenia)
7. Father Marek Lis (Poland)
8. Irina Yagubyan (Armenia)
9. Karen Mnatsakanyan (Armenia)
10. Katya Malatesta (Italy)
11. Manya Ghazaryan (Armenia)
12. Nona Sisakyan (Belarus)
13. Simone Semprini (Italy)
14. Tamara Tsotsoria (Russia)
15. Ayvazyan (Great Britain)
16. Vladislav Robski (Ukraine)

The names of the award-winning films of the 7th Fresco International Festival of Contemporary Art and Concern Films are already known.

The winners of the animated films were announced

Fresco 20 awards Armenia Round Table 3

"The voice groaned", France, Atam Rasho, THE BEST MESSAGE - "FAITH".
"Recipe in Exile", USA, Chantal Kasarjyan, BEST MESSAGE - "FAMILY VALUES".
"Grandmother", Bulgaria, Rosa Kolchagova, BEST MESSAGE - "LOVE".

The winners of the feature films were announced

Fresco 20 awards Armenia Round Table 4

"Enemies", Georgia, Georgi Gachava, BEST MESSAGE - "PEACE".
"Nuts", Iran, Mohammadreza Haji Gholam, BEST MESSAGE - "FAITH".
"Dream Team", Russia, Philip Abrutin, Maxim Zikov, BEST MESSAGE - "SPORTS VALUES".
"Aniko", Armenia, Anna Harutyunyan, BEST MESSAGE - "FAMILY VALUES".

Short films were recognized as winners

"Exclusive day", France Cedric Spinasu, BEST MESSAGE - "FAMILY VALUES".
"Azad", Iran, Mirabas Khosravinejad, BEST MESSAGE - "HUMANITY".
"Salt and bread", Armenia, Russia, Bear-Knight Shermazanyan, BEST MESSAGE - "FORGIVENESS".
"Valenki", Russia, Anna Prudnikova, BEST MESSAGE - "HOPE".
"Extinguisher", Spain, Rodrigo Sopenya, Joanna Solnadok, BEST MESSAGE - "FAITH".
"Dear", Russia, Irina Bass, BEST MESSAGE - "FAMILY VALUES".
"Pipon և blind love", France, Hugo Le Gugliեղekek, BEST MESSAGE - "LOVE".
"Label", Macedonia, Georgi Unkovski, BEST MESSAGE - "FAMILY VALUES".

The winners of the documentaries were announced

"Queue list", Russia, Natalia Makhanko, BEST MESSAGE - "THE HERO OF OUR DAYS".
"Red fish - salmon", Russia, Dmitry Spilenok, Vladislav Grishin, BEST MESSAGE - "CLEAN PLANET".
"What will happen tomorrow", Russia, Anastasia Standke, BEST MESSAGE - "FAITH".
"Spinner", France, Didier Cross, BEST MESSAGE - "COURAGE".
"Litvyakov to man", Russia, Roman Pomerantsev, BEST MESSAGE - "LOVE".

Fresco 20 awards Armenia Round Table 5

Winners of a special award of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin have been announced

"The voice of sighing", France, Atam Rasho, THE BEST MESSAGE: "HOPE, FAITH, LOVE".
"Heavenly Joy", Russia, Natalia Fedchenko, BEST MESSAGE: "HOPE, FAITH, LOVE".
"The Monk", Russia, Dan Green, BEST MESSAGE - "CONFESSION".

It should be reminded that the festival is implemented with the main support of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, with the blessing of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, with the support of the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation, in compliance with the rules of coronavirus prevention (COVID-19) in the Republic of Armenia.

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