ART supports “Youth for Environment” project aimed at public awareness raising regarding environmental issues, development of environmental thinking and cleanliness in communities.


Eighty school-age children and young women from Gai village and neighbouring Araks and Apaga villages of Armavir region of Armenia were informed about the environmental issues thanks to the participation in “Youth for Environment-Gai” project implemented at Gai village "Saint Nshan" social center of AAC Armavir Diocese.
The lecturers held meetings and discussions on environmental issues from ASPU: Prof. K. Danielyan, Prof. W. Hovhannisyan, Assoc. Prof. L. Avanesyan. Meetings and discussions on climate change mitigation, renewable energy, energy saving and solar energy use were carried out by a specialist from “Sհtigen” LLC - A. Aghajanyan.


In the course of the project, the beneficiaries got aware regarding the harmful impacts of waste on air, water and human health, and developed skills aimed at protecting the environment by learning to process household waste and making waste-friendly household items, souvenirs and bijouterie. To promote the produced items Facebook and Instagram pages were created under the brand name “Eco Gift”.


Thirty-five school-aged children took part in the environmental competition “Green Planet of My Dream”. During the competition, the children prepared paintings, collages and wrote essays on the theme.

5.2 kW power solar panel system is installed on the roof of “Saint Nshan” social center. Now the centre and “Saint Nshan” benefit from the electricity produced by the system. Tree planting is planned to organize in the spring of 2020.

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