14 youth from Ashtarak "St. Marianeh" Social Center performed "Waste in Our Life" interactive performance at Saghmosavank Social Centre. 

The performance was interactive-educational and actively involved 30 people in Saghmosavan and pilgrims in the play activities. During the performance, the audience learned about waste, its types, negative effects and decomposition periods.

The burning issue of the topic, bright and colourful characters of animals and waste, as well as trees made in Ashtarak centre out of various waste, created a mood of being in a forest, tackling the need to care for nature. Upon completion of the performance the children showed the items made out of waste, which to some extent could solve the problem of waste, such as jewellery made of paper, boxes, bags, household appliances made of polyethylene bags, items made of plastic and glass bottles.

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