Certificate Award Ceremony for “New Road to War affected families”
23 Jun 2022

Members of 58 families affected by the 44-day war received vocational training

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On June 21, the certificates of the participants of the "New Way" program were handed over in "Park Resort Aghveran" hotel complex. The "New Way" program was launched in 2021․ Since December 2012, with the financial support of the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation and the Gateway Armenia Charitable Non-Governmental Organization. The goal was to give the family members of the killed, wounded or missing servicemen as a result of the 44-day war in 2020 the opportunity to acquire a profession in a short period, to solve the problem of employment, as well as to become financially stable and independent.

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The stable course, control and follow-up of the professional training courses was carried out by the Art House Educational Center. Thanks to the program, members of 58 families affected by the war participated in 17 vocational training courses. More than 25 participants have already found a job or are self-employed.

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The participants were greeted by the Primate of the Kotayk Diocese, His Grace Archbishop Arakel Karamyan, who referred to the importance of the program and its results.

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Lilit Karapetyan, Director of the Art House Educational Center, presented the progress and results of the 6-month program. 

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The event was welcomed by Tsovinar Ghazaryan, Programme Director of the World Council of Churches Armenian Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation, and Nare Harutyunyan, President of Gateway Armenia Charitable Non-Governmental Organization. At the end of the event, all participants received their certificates.

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In the evening, Arsen and Arthur Safaryan brothers presented a concert program dedicated to the memory of the servicemen killed in the 44-day war.

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Gateway Armenia Charitable Non-Governmental Organization was founded in 2020 under the auspices of the Gateway Industry Foundation.

The main goal of the organization is to reduce the vulnerability of the population, to provide the necessary humanitarian aid, to support people in difficult socio-economic conditions, to implement community development, health, educational and cultural programs.

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The ecumenical Armenia Round Table Charity Foundation started on the initiative of the Armenian Apostolic Church and of the World Council of Churches, with the participation of the Armenian Catholic and Armenian Evangelical Churches.

The Round Table Charity Foundation began in 1996 (office established in 1997) and now works under the patronage of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Partiarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

Ever since the ART has brought together Armenian churches, local non-governmental organizations, and church-related partners with a shared commitment to working together to address some of the fundamental social and economic problems of the country.

At present the ART focuses its activities in the areas of

Integrated Community Development and Diakonia;
Capacity Building;
Regional Peace and Reconciliation;
Emergency Preparedness and Response.

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The Art House Educational Center was founded in 2009 with one  purpose: to provide full professional non-formal education, knowledge and skill that makes each student competitive in the labor market both in Armenia and abroad. Trainings are carried out by highly qualified specialists - trainers who are the leaders with the years of their work experience, knowledge and skills in Armenia, dedicated to their work. Art House Training Center cooperates with both local and a number of international organizations.

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