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06 Sep 2021

WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation (ART) and Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization(Aleppo-NGO), within the framework of the “Bright Future for Youth” project, are offering partial scholarships to university students displaced from Artsakh, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, etc. as well as locals residing in Armenia. Below you will find the eligibility requirements, selection criteria and administrative procedures that apply to this Scholarship Program.


Selection criteria and procedures for the Scholarship Program are described below and are organized as follows: (i) eligibility requirements, (ii) criteria under which scholarship recipients are selected, and (iii) general administrative requirements relating to the application.


  1. Educational Experience: Each applicant must either be enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PHD program at an accredited university in the Republic of Armenia.
  2. Minimum Grades: Applicants must have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least
    3.3 from 4.0 (or 17 out of 20 and 85 out of 100). Each applicant must provide a certified or other official transcript as evidence of these grade requirements or ask their university to directly provide such transcripts to Aleppo-NGO.
  3. Attendance: The applicant is expected to provide proof of their attendance to the University or higher education institution they are enrolled in to qualify for scholarship.
  4. Completion of Application: The applicant must complete the entire application form, including by providing all documentations requested in the application form or otherwise requested by ART or Aleppo-NGO.


ART and Aleppo-NGO are responsible for selecting scholarship recipients from all eligible applicants. The selection committee shall base its selection of Scholarship recipients on the following:

Eligibility: Each recipient shall meet all eligibility requirements described above.

Objective and Nondiscriminatory Selection Procedure: ART and Aleppo-NGO’s selection committee shall select Scholarship Program recipients who, in the reasoned view of the committee, are the most deserving of scholarship awards based upon the objective criteria described below and their financial need. The selection committee shall select Scholarship Program recipients on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, personal handicap. The committee shall also apply nondiscriminatory selection approach towards host institution and academic field of the applicant.

Objective Criteria: The selection committee may consider only the following objective criteria in selecting Scholarship Program recipients:

a. Prior academic merit and performance;
b. Participation and performance in Universities or other graduate institutions, extracurricular, and community activities;
c. Recommendations from instructors or members of the community (requested if necessary);
d. Conclusions that the selection committee members draw from a personal interview, from essays, or from other written materials submitted in the application process that demonstrate the applicant’s motivation, character, ability, and potential; and
e. Exclusivity of the financial need, aiming to assist those applicants to whom other need-based assistance is unavailable.
f. Commitment and eagerness of the applicants to participate in the events, videos of the “Bright Future for Youth” project, as well as voluntary work if necessary within the Project. In case of refusal, Aleppo-NGO has the right to demand from the student to return the full amount or part of his/her scholarship. The selection committee shall apply the criteria in a reasonable and objective manner.

However, the selection committee is not required to place the same weight upon each criterion for each candidate, and need not determine that all criteria exist for each candidate.


Scholarship Amount and Number of Scholarships: The number and amount of the Scholarship Program awards granted will be determined by the selection committee in its sole discretion.

Direct Payment of Funds: All scholarship payments to a recipient shall be paid directly by bank transfer to a Qualifying Institution in which the scholarship recipient is enrolled, on the scholarship recipient’s behalf. Aleppo-NGO will obtain information regarding scholarship recipient’s academic progress directly from the educational institution, and educational institutions should accept scholarships only for those students who are in good standing and pre-approved by Aleppo-NGO.

Refund of Unused Funds: Any scholarship fund not used for permitted expenses, shall be refunded to Aleppo-NGO. If the terms of a scholarship grant are violated, Aleppo-NGO shall use reasonable efforts to recover any scholarships inappropriately obtained.

Use of Funds: Scholarship shall be used solely for tuition fees of Qualifying Institutions.

Maintenance of Records: Aleppo-NGO shall maintain all records pertaining to scholarship grants applied for or paid during the course of its program, for five (5) years thereafter. These records shall include, at a minimum: (a) all information Aleppo-NGO obtains to evaluate qualifications of applicants, (b) the amount and purpose of each scholarship grant, (c) all information identifying applicants, including information regarding their relationship to Aleppo-NGO, and (d) any information Aleppo-NGO obtains to determine whether a scholarship recipient is eligible to renew his or her scholarship grant (including any information regarding whether the participant used the grant for its intended purposes).

Submission of Applications: Only complete application packages, which include the attachment of all the required documents, submitted using this google form will be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the selection committee. Applicants can only submit their applications electronically, using the google forms listed below.

*If your attachments exceed the allotted Megabyte limits, you can use free online tools such as ( to minimize the size of your attachment or convert your attachment from jpg to pdf, etc.

Deadline for Applications: 22 September 2021

Queries about the Application Form: To receive more information about the application process contact Aleppo-NGO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by indicating the following in the subject line: “Question about the Scholarship Application.”

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