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Invitation for conducting baseline study for “Sustainable and participatory community development in Armenia, continuation” project

Terms of Reference

for conducting baseline study for “Sustainable and participatory community development in Armenia, continuation” project

Armenia Round Table Foundation

World Council of Churches Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (hereinafter ART) is seeking a consultant to undertake base line study of ART “Sustainable and participatory community development in Armenia, continuation” E-ARM-2022-0303 project.

ART is an ecumenical organization established by the Armenian Apostolic Church and World Council of Churches in 1996. ART brings together Armenian churches, local non-governmental organizations, church-related partners and international ecumenical agencies with a shared commitment of working together to address some of the fundamental social and economic problems of the country. ART is active in the fields of integrated community development and diakonia, emergency preparedness and response.

About the project

ART implements a “Sustainable and participatory community development in Armenia, continuation” project in cooperation with different stakeholders, church related social/community development centers, non-governmental organizations, government of RoA and local authorities. ART either co-funds project partners for implementation of activities, or evolves direct implementation of activities on its own.

Through 2023-2025 project ART intends to address the issues of unemployment and growing polarization in the society through education and civic engagement. The project objectives are:

Objective 1.

Disadvantaged youth, women and men in the targeted communities have improved livelihood.
It is expected that young people and adults will improve their marketable skills, employability and economic activity, and school age children will improve their personal development․

Objective 2.

Targeted communities engage in local decision-making.
It is expected that targeted youth will increase transversal skills and be informed about civic activism, human rights, equality and citizenship and be able to carry out awareness raising campaigns and engage in local decision making.

Purpose of the Baseline Survey

The purpose of the baseline data is to provide a benchmark from which to measure progress of the 2023-2025 project through a situation analysis and provide data for the project indicator targets which will allow comparability in the future. The baseline data will cover interventions by project and service providers (community/social centers) in project target communities. The study will attempt to provide the current status of the indicators and facilitate monitoring of progress towards meeting project objectives.


The baseline survey is to be carried out in project target regions of Ararat, Aragatsotn, Armavir, Gegharkunik, Lori, Shirak and Tavush by an independent consultant using a variety of data collection and analysis techniques for both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure a comprehensive baseline study. The consultant is required in the technical proposal to elaborate a detailed baseline design, sampling plan including how respondents are selected and findings will be generalized and applied to the rest, sample size, methodology with data collection tools for field work, administration, work plan, budget with breakdown of costs. Guidance on appropriate stakeholders to engage during the assignment will be provided by ART. Whenever possible, data will be disaggregated and analyzed by gender.


A report is to be submitted in English, with any technical material to be presented in annexes. All primary data collected and analysis conducted for the purpose of the baseline will remain the property of ART and must be submitted electronically and in a clear and comprehensible format in Microsoft Excel and Word.

The consultant will provide the following deliverables to ART within the timeframe stated:
Inception report: In 2 working days after signing the contract, a detailed report on the consultant’s proposed final baseline design and methodology will be submitted to ART for approval. This will provide preliminary understandings based on document review, rationale and a detailed description of the methodology and tools, analytical methods, budget with a breakdown of costs and detailed work plan for the study. Any draft questionnaires or interview forms will also be submitted for review at this stage.
Baseline report: A draft baseline report is due in 5 days after the completion of field work. Within 2 business days of receiving ART feedback to the draft report, one electronic (MS Word) copy of the final baseline report is due to ART.

Summary presentation of findings to ART and stakeholders, validation workshop: The consultant shall present initial findings to ART for review, comment and feedback in 2 days after the draft report is presented to ART. A PowerPoint presentation and handout (maximum of two pages) shall be prepared for the presentation through a workshop to the project stakeholders. The consultant shall consider ART and stakeholder comments and revise the draft report as appropriate.

The final baseline report should not exceed 15 pages excluding annexes and shall include the following:

1. Executive Summary (1-2 pages);
2. Background;
3. Methodology;
4. Findings;
5. Conclusions (1 -2 pages);
6. Annexes, including:
a. Scope of Work;
b. Data collection tools;
c. Key data, including interview transcripts;
d. List of key informants.

The assignment is expected to be implemented from May 10, 2023 to no later than May 30, 2023, this period includes provision of all deliverables and travel time.

Description N of days

Preparatory phase: Review of project document and understanding the project contextual frame work, designing of baseline tools and data collection and analysis methodology.

Submission of the Inception Report-2 days;
Field Work-7 days
Analysis, report writing and submission of first draft report-5 days
Baseline validation workshop with ART and stakeholders-1 day
Compilation and submission of final report-2 days;
Total-17 days.

Required skills

The required background and experience for the consultant is as follows:

a. Strong experience in conducting baseline study, monitoring and evaluation, informal education, community development, analytical skills, gender analysis.
b. Excellent inter-personal skills and ability to engage at various levels including local communities.
c. Capacity in data management and statistics.
d. Have excellent written English and communication skills.

The consultant needs to apply standard ethical principles during the course of the assignment.

How to apply

Interested consultants or organizations are requested to submit:

1. A technical proposal (in line with those detailed under Approach), work schedule and proposed budget.
2. Curriculum Vitae (CVs), two contacts of references (from last client/employer).

Submissions are to be made available to ART no later than 3 May 2023 to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For inquires please contact: + 374 10 517 197, Tsovinar Ghazaryan.

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