More than 70 youngsters attend the first Western-Armenian performance in Armenia
29 Jun 2021

“The calling of the theater is to explain the delusions of the heart and the life”-Grigor Zohrap.

The 150th anniversary of Grigor Zohrap was marked by the staging of the first Western-Armenian play entitled “Voices of Conscience” in Armenia. The play was based on the novel “Postal” by Zohrap.


Theatre is the best place to demonstrate human flaws and imperfections, to reflect various spheres of life, and suggest means to change them. We all can find similar characters among our acquaintances and people around us. It is a phenomenon that conveys manifold emotions, gives food for thought and is very educative for young people, especially.


This is why we, at the Aleppo NGO, attach big importance to cultural events. This time the performance was significant in terms that it was organized on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Grigor Zohrap and was the first performance in Western-Armenian to be staged in Armenia ever.


More than 70 young people attended the performance under the auspices of Aleppo-NGO and the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation within the scope of the Bright Future for Youth program. They were thrilled and enjoyed the performance.


Such events are important for they affect the formation of a wider worldview and a humanistic value system of students. In our turn, we will ensure these kinds of events are continuous.

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